I picked up my first basic camera for a family vacation to Puerto Rico and after a week of gallivanting throughout the jungles, beaches, and caves of the island, I fell in love with the medium. Many cameras followed that first one and with each I pushed my equipment and myself to the limits as my passion for shooting landscapes grew.

My work is a celebration of the amazing natural world that surrounds us. Living in Maine, we are able to access more than our fair share of beautiful scenery up and down the rocky coast. This is where I spend most of my time, focusing on capturing the rugged shoreline with the ever-changing ocean.

My images strive to show elements that are not always easy to translate into a still medium like photography. Using filters and techniques I am able to show the motion of water as it ebbs and flows and capture the passing of clouds as wispy streaks.

My images are characterized by dramatic light and color and reveal the often-stark beauty and drama of Maine.

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